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Whos at the keyboard? 


Editor                                Writer                                   Proofreader    


Editor with glasses



        25 years 


    Bachelor of Arts:

   English Literature





Books. I specialize in children's fiction, middle grade and YA; literary fiction; cookbooks; health & fitness; self-help; memoir; history and historical fiction. I would love to edit a rock 'n roll bio. Tell me about your project to see if I'm the right fit. 


Writers. Nothing makes an author feel more vulnerable than being rejected by an agent or publisher. Oh, the self-doubt and panic! I am respectful of the months you have devoted to your book and precise in giving you meaningful, actionable feedback, whether you go the traditional publishing route or intend to self-publish. 


Background. Years as a staff editor and writer for magazines and newspapers became years as a freelancer, exploring my free-floating interests in a variety of media. Journalism and marketing are sweet gigs, but it is working on book-length projects that truly sets my heart aflutter.  As a writer, I know the ups and downs of the creative process. As an editor, I know the ins and outs of the revision process. With a little back and forth, we can fine-tune your work so it has the best chance of getting into the hands of readers, right where it belongs. 




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