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Quickly completed, precisely executed, fairly priced. 





This service is for you if:

Your project is almost ready for submission, but you need basic line-editing to check for spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and the typos that make editors cringe.


Your nonfiction work needs properly annotated charts and graphs, no weird section breaks and page numbers properly matched to the Table of Contents and/or Index. 


You're self-publishing and need the galley proofed against the previous edit; or you've made changes suggested by an editor and need the follow-up draft double-checked for errors.






Fee: $0.50/page

Turnaround:  2-5 business days 



Complete the contact form on the



Expect an email from me about your project and timeline, usually the next business day.


If we're a good match, I send you a short assignment agreement.


You send me your manuscript, along with half-payment, based on page count. The remainder is paid when the completed project is returned to you. 


I accept check and PayPal. 



Copy Editing


This service is for you if:

Your project is complete, but you need an expert eye to check for grammar, tense, agreement, factual accuracy and inconsistencies. 


No major revisions are needed but you have a few spots where the pacing gets sticky or you're not sure, say, how to handle the verb tense of a flashback.  


Your nonfiction project needs consistent (and compelling) chapter heads and each page to conform to your platform and pitch.


Your cookbook needs measurements and ingredients cross-checked against a style guide (or style guide never crossed your mind). 



Fee: $1.00/page 

Turnaround: 5-10 business days 



I can edit old-school on hard copy or online using Track Changes (your choice). If you prefer paper edits, please include a SASE in your package to cover the cost of return postage. 


Rush edits are possible, for an additional fee.


Discounts available when you contract with me to complete all three editorial services on a single project. 








Query letter critique

with every manuscript evaluation.  No charge.

Manuscript Evaluation

This service is for you if:

Agents offer only a form-letter No Thanks; or beta readers give you lukewarm feedback and you cannot figure out why. This is the Full Monty critique of your work as a whole, but also provides specific feedback on elemental details of the project.


In fiction, character, plot, voice, style, language, pacing and more are addressed in an evaluation of at least three pages (usually more). In nonfiction, consistency, structure, style and purpose are addressed in an evaluation of at least three pages (usually more). 


Comments also will be written directly in the margins. This provides immediate reader feedback, a powerful tool for revision in combination with the overarching critique. 


Fee: $2.50/page

Turnaround: 2-4 weeks 



Only completed manuscripts (no partials) will be evaluated.  


Manuscripts must be double-spaced,

12-point Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins. Please add a header with your name and project title, as well as page numbers at the bottom of each page. 


If you prefer your project to be edited digitally, please send it as an email attachment after I send the assignment agreement. 


If you prefer your project to be edited with pen and paper, I will provide mailing instructions on the agreement. 


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